What are the Advance Questions?

Each participating State of the UPR is required to provide advance questions and additional questions pertaining to 2 subjects; submitted in advance to the UPR Secretariat. The contents of the questions should not overlap with questions addressed by other participating States of the UPR. Advance questions shall be selected from 1 subject out of 2 submitted subjects.


Font : Times New Roman

Size : 12, Single line spacing

Word Limit : No limit, but the length shall be adjusted for 1 minute-question

Name of the File : ‘2019_UPR_Question [Name of State Under Review]_[Name of Recommending State].doc’

  • Three files in total must be submitted in one email : ‘2019_UPR_Questions_North Korea_US.doc’, ‘2019_UPR_Questions_China_US.doc’, ‘2019_UPR_Questions_Japan_US.doc’

Title of the Email : 2019UPR Questions to [Name of three States Under Review]_[Name of Recommending State]


Deadline: July 29 2019 (submission shall be made to ‘’)

  • Questions must represent the stance of each recommending State.
  • The question must be directly related to the assigned topic and the relevance must be evident based on the content of the question.
  • Exclude ritual remarks such as greetings or recommendations when submitting, and focus only on writing clear and understandable questions.