What are Advance Questions?

Every recommending state needs to raise a batch of advance questions and additional questions concerning each designated topic agenda during the finals. In this regard, they should submit advance questions to the UPR Secretariat prior to the finals; complying with the notified due date. Please note that late submission will disadvantage you in terms of total evaluation: some points deduction.

Also, please be notified that you can be requested by the UPR Secretariat to revise your advance questions if there appear any overlapping questions. To best avoid this situation, the UPR Secretariat kindly recommends the participants (finalists) to complete question submission as early as possible. First-come-first-served basis will be applied so that those who submit earlier will be advantaged: no point deduction caused in terms of overlapping questions.


Font : Times New Roman

Size : 12, Single line spacing

Word Limit : No limit, but the length shall be adjusted for 1 minute-question

Name of the File : ‘2019_UPR_Question [Name of State Under Review]_[Name of Recommending State].doc’

  • Three files in total must be submitted in one email : ‘2019_UPR_Questions_North Korea_US.doc’, ‘2019_UPR_Questions_China_US.doc’, ‘2019_UPR_Questions_Japan_US.doc’

Subject of the Email : 2019 UPR Questions to [Name of three States Under Review]_[Name of Recommending State]


Deadline: July 29, 2019 (submission shall be made to ‘’)

  • The questions must represent the stance of each recommending state.
  • The questions must be directly related to the assigned topics and the relevance must be evident based on the content of the question.
  • Exclude ritual remarks such as greetings or recommendations when submitting, and focus only on writing clear and understandable questions.