Human Rights Essay Contest aims to provide an opportunity for participants to voice out their stance and possible solutions on a human rights issue (of their representing state) in essay form. All finalists shall join the contest individually and submit an essay addressing a human rights issue of a specific country and provide international cooperative measures as a viable solution.


Font: Times New Roman

Size: 11, 1.15 line spacing

Specific format: the margin of 15mm for the top/bottom, and 30mm for the right/left

Word limit: A4 paper 5 pages (References and Appendix are excluded)

Name of the file: “Human Rights Issues_SUR” (ex. “Gender Equality_ROK”)

Title of the Email : 2018UPR Human Rights Essay for [Name of the State Under Review]


Deadline: July 14th (submission shall be made to ‘’)

  • Participants may be requested to write an essay with their own perspective, aside from the government stance.
  • “Choose one specific human rights issue of the country that you are represented in model UPR, and think of how to be solved through the discussion of advantages and disadvantages in using the international human rights protection mechanism.”
  • Considering the main content and characteristic of the chosen human rights issue, the importance of the topic and the reason for discussion should appear clearly.