What is the Outcome Report?

The Outcome Report (the Closing Statement) aims to summarize the issues discussed at the UPR, and pose commitments which the State Under Review should abide by in order to resolve present identified issues within its respective human rights situation. During the finals, each State Under Review should finalize the outcome report, covering and responding to all recommendations, comments, and responses to questions raised by the Working Group during the UPR session.


Font : Times New Roman

Size : 12, Single line spacing

Word Limit : No limit, but the length shall be adjusted for 5 minutes presentation

Name of the File : ‘2019_UPR_Outcome Report_[Name of the State Under Review]

Title of the Email : 2019UPR Outcome Report for [Name of the State Under Review]


Deadline : 5 August 2019 (submission shall be made to ‘info@modelupr.com’)

  • Exclude ritual remarks (greetings or recommendations)
  • Include responses to questions and recommendations raised during the review
  • Include remarks of commitment that the State Under Review will intend to undertake to overcome possible human rights violation issues
Past Examples of Outcome Reports by States Under Review