Conduct Expectations
  • Expectations of conduct
    • The ‘International Model UN Human Rights Council Universal Periodic Review (I-Model UNUPR)’ offers an opportunity for participants to have a hands-on learning experience in UN human rights protection mechanisms through the simulation of the UPR of the UN Human Rights Council.
    • The I-Model UN UPR, as the very first simulation of the procedure of the international human rights system, will become a pioneering initiative that can be expanded to other regions where the framework of this program is applicable.
  • Participant responsibilities
    • Participants shall adhere to the operating rules of the conference and respect the opinions of the organizers.
    • Participants are recommended to be seated 10 minutes prior to each meeting in order to prevent delays.
    • Participants shall follow the instructions given by the jury and the facilitator. Any out-of-line behavior shall not be accepted.
    • During the finals, all participants are required to listen to and respect the comments of other participants. When dialogue among team members is necessary, participants are required to do so in a quiet manner or are strongly recommend to communicate by writing.
  • Safety and security
    • Your safety and security are your own personal responsibility. The organizing party will not be liable for any damages or personal injury inflicted during the span of the conference. Participants are advised to behave in a responsible manner. Please do not leave personal items, such as computer or other personal electronic devices, unattended.
Video (2018 International Model UN UPR)

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Review of ROK

Outcome Report by ROK and CHINA

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